What is Scout?

Scout is a feature designed to help you decide if a job is a fit for you. This competitive-analysis tool allows you to view the title, education level, years of experience, compensation level, and areas of expertise of other members who have applied to the job you’re viewing.

This will help you determine what you should highlight in your application and which jobs you should really take the time to apply to. For example, if you see that most job seekers that have applied to the position have a Bachelor's Degree but you have a Master's Degree, you should highlight your degree in your cover letter and emphasize how the degree will help make you the best fit for the job.

On the other hand, if you have 5-7 years of experience and all of the other applicants have 15+ years of experience, you may want to think about spending your valuable job search time on a position more in line with your years of experience. 

To view Scout, please click on the title of the job that you’re interested in. If at least one person has applied, you will be able to view Scout underneath the job description.


You can learn more through our Learning Ladders series here:

Scout Feature

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