What happened to my resume?

Once you upload your resume, that’s the document that recruiters will be able to view when they find you in search. Paired with that will be a simple profile that we know their software can read easily. This profile uses information taken directly from the resume you uploaded, such as education and work history. After uploading a new resume, please take a moment to make any edits necessary to that profile, and you’ll be all set! 

You'll also have the option to use our Ladders Resume tool, which provides helpful feedback on the formatting and information in your resume, as well as structuring that information in a format we're sure recruiter software will be better able to read. To access that, click "View Feedback," on the right hand side of that page. There's an option to build a resume from scratch with our Ladders Resume tool on the empty state of this page (if you have no resume uploaded) - Either remove or replace the resume you currently have uploaded to return there. 

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