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Do you have any Cover Letter templates?

Thank you for asking! 

There is no set structure for a cover letter, and the opinion on them varies from recruiter to recruiter. Marc's Advice is to use your Cover Letter as an elevator pitch. We recommend writing a personalized Cover Letter for each position you apply to. 

 "It's best these days to use your elevator pitch as your cover paragraph. A cover letter is too long and won't be read. This excerpt from Ladders 2018 Resume Guide is the best guidance -- hope this helps!:

 …the short version is that an elevator pitch is composed of four sentences or phrases:
- Say what you’ve done in the past -- a brief description of yesterday
- Say what you’re doing now -- a brief description of today
- Say what you like about it -- a brief enthusiasm for your work
- Say what you’d therefore like to do next in your future -- a brief description of tomorrow

The more you can make these four sentences sound like a conversation over beers on Friday night, the better. I know we all start using that ‘corporate’ sounding voice when it comes to describing work, but the more you can make it feel like something you might say in conversation to your grandmother or cousin or college buddy, the more effective it is.

When you are specific and concise in your elevator pitch, you make it easy to transform your future job goals into resumes, cover emails, phone calls, or whatever form or format your career planning may require. Selling the benefits is not about including all the facts -- just the ones that get your future boss excited. "

-Marc Cenedella

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