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How does Ladders estimate company salaries?

Ladders uses salary estimates based on our reviews of over five million jobs each year.

By analyzing data and pay grades across geographies, companies, roles, and work details, our estimates are calculated and published for our members. 

The salary estimates individual members receive is based on the desired salary entered into the Job Preferences section in their account information under Settings.


Salary estimates in a member email (example):


Allowing our members to factor an estimated salary or salary range into their thinking while seeking a new position has shown itself to be a valuable and time-saving asset.


Salary estimates and interviews

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that bringing up salary questions during the early stages of the job interview process is not recommended, so having an estimated range in mind upfront can help in that area, too.

Save the money talk for last. You should have three ideas about compensation clear in your mind: what’s realistically at the upper end of your range, an amount that you’d accept, and a pay level that you’d decline. You should write these down for your own reference early in the process before the heat of salary negotiations begins to warp your expectations in ways you might not expect. — from Ladders Interviews Guide 2019 by Marc Cenedella.

Still, an estimate is just that. While Ladders goes to great lengths to provide our members with helpful information from all available data sources, the very nature of an estimate doesn’t allow for across-the-board specifics.


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